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Essie Lilacism Nagellack Swatches

February 5, 2017

Essie Lilacism is a beautiful pastel lilac ( lila ) nail color. It’s a kind of shade which looks stunning on every skin tone and is perfect for winter or summer. It’s an all season color. For Full Review click Here and for more Essie Nail colors click Here.

Pigmentation: 5/5
Texture –
Textur : 4/5
Color –
Farbe : 5/5
Longevity –
Langlebigkeit : 3.5/5
Application –
Antrag : 5/5

Price : 7,99 €

essie nagellack lilacism

essie lilacism nail color ( lilac nail color )

essie lilacism nagellack

essie lilacism nail polish swatches

essie lilacism swatches

essie lilacism review pictures

essie lilacism

essie lilacism review

Where to buy / Wo können Sie kaufen:

  • Douglas
  • Dm
  • Müller
  • Amazon

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