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Balea Limited Edition Birds of Paradise [Review]

July 24, 2017

Balea Limited Edition Birds of Paradise Review

Balea Duschgel Königlicher Kronen-Kranich ingredients

Balea Duschgel Königlicher Kronen-Kranich:
I have been using Balea Duschgel forever and have always loved them. so I was really excited to try this new limited edition duschgel from Birds of Paradise collection. I have to say that it’s a nice shower gel but nothing special, Balea already had shower gels like this. It smells fruity (mango and passion-flower), slightly sweet and very pleasant. The scent on the skin was strong but it didn’t stay on for a long time. My skin was not dried out by it rather it nourished my skin. It is infused with Aqua Cell Soft formula which ensures the balance of your skin and protects it against drying out. It’s Vegan. 
Overall: 4.5/5
Price – Preis: 0.55 € for 300ml

Balea Jeden Tag Shampoo Trendiger Tukan ingredients

Balea Jeden Tag Shampoo Trendiger Tukan:
It’s an everyday Shampoo that cleans your hair gently but thoroughly. The formula contains vitamin B3 and vitamin B5 which maintains your hair and makes them smooth. It has an exotic sweet scent like papaya and kiwi, very pleasant. It is good and cheap, completely cleans your hair. If you are looking for an affordable shampoo then it is for you. When it comes to my hair like to spend a little more than this. I mostly use it to clean my brushes, it cleans them and makes my brushes soft and smooth. Silicone Free and Vegan.
Overall: 3.5/5
Price – Preis: 0.55 € for 300ml
Balea Rasiergel Peppiger Papagei:
It’s ideal for a thorough and gentle wet shave of  your sensitive skin of legs, armpits and bikini area. I always use shaving gel form Balea, these are inexpensive and great quality. New limited edition Shaving gel from Birds of Paradise has a nectarines and cactus figs scent, very tropical and exotic. It is my new favourite. My skin feels super smooth and I had no allergic reactions from it. Vegan.
Overall: 4.5/5
Price – Preis: 1.15 € for 150 ml

Balea Deo-Bodyspray Putziger Paradiesvogel ingredients

Balea Deo-Bodyspray Putziger Paradiesvogel:
Protects, refreshes and nourishes the skin. Fresh exotic scent of lime and guarana, but it is so intense and strong that I always cough every time I use it. It doesn’t gives you fresh feeling for a long time, certainly not for 24 hours. You have to keep applying it throughout the day. However it did not give me any white residue on my skin or clothes. Vegan and aluminum (ACH) free.
Overall: 3.5/5
Price – Preis: 0.95 € for 150ml

Balea Handlotion Quirliger Kolibri ingredients

Balea Handlotion Quirliger Kolibri:
It pampers your hands with a rich caring formula. I really like the scent of coconut and lychee. I love the packaging because of the pump dispenser, I find it very practical and easy to use. The consistency of the hand cream is quite runny but feels creamy on my skin. Absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves behind a pleasant feeling. Does not give me any greasy or oily feeling. Vegan.
Overall: 3.5/5
Price – Preis: 1.95 € for 150ml

Balea Creme Seife Kichernder Kakadu ingredients

Balea Creme Seife Kichernder Kakadu:
Cleanses and nourishes your hands, it’s very mild and preserves the natural moisture and balance of the skin. Fruity aroma of Maracuja, feels very pleasant. I really like handwash from Balea and always use them. It cleans my hands without making them dry, it does all which it is suppose to do. Vegan  
Overall: 4.5/5
Price – Preis: 0.55 € for 500ml

Balea Bodylotion Fescher Flamingo ingredients

Balea Bodylotion Fescher Flamingo:
Exotic and fruity aroma of Pitaya and Tamarillo. Mild formula that spreads easily and absorbs quickly, gives your skin moisture and maintains its smoothness. Doesn’t leaves behind a greasy or sticky feel. Vegan but not silicone free.
Overall: 4.5/5
Price – Preis: 1.25 € for 200ml
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